Family Activities in Val d’Isere

There are numerous family activities in Val d’Isere, including a wide array of fun-filled indoor and outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re looking to relax and spend some quality time together in a quiet, chilled out atmosphere, or do something active and adventurous; there is something for you and your kids in Val d’Isere.


What to Do in Val d’Isere in Summer

Val d’Isere is a well known ski resort in the French Alps but it’s far from closed in the summer months. This resort nestled in the Tarentaise valley is the ideal destination for an active summer holiday. With so much to do, there’s no chance you’ll ever be bored!


Trans-Savoie Val d’Isere

The Trans-Savoie is possibly one of the most challenging mountain biking races in history. It is a six day point-to-point endurance race which starts in the resort of Val d’Isere in the south east of France. This is a picturesque setting for the race as the mountain environment boasts beautiful scenery.

Trans Savoie Big Alpine Enduro

Mountain Climbing in Val d’Isere

Val d’Isere is a small village in south east France close to the Swiss and Italian borders. Its steep rocky mountains make it the perfect place for mountain climbing. In summer on the smaller mountains, the snow melts leaving behind a series of cracks and crevices which make perfect finger holds. The diversity of the rocks mean that the climber can always find a different route to reach the peak whether it is easier or harder.


Spas in Val d’Isere

There are numerous spas in Val d’Isere for you to indulge in on your holiday. Here are a few suggestions we have for you to check out during your stay:


We’d suggest paying a visit to the luxurious Deep Nature Spa, located within the four star Aigle de Neiges Hotel. This is a perfect place to go and relax after an active day on the mountains, relieving those aching muscles in a divine steambath. Not only is there a steambath and sauna room, but also an indoor swimming pool and various treatment rooms.

Celebrating Bastille Day in Val d’Isere

There are many events in Val d’Isere organised all year round but one of the biggest is Bastille Day on the 14th July. Bastille Day is celebrated across the whole of France but in Val d’Isere it is truly a spectacle to be seen. Val d’Isere is a small village in the Tarentaise Valley in south east France. Its hot summer nights make it an ideal place to watch the fireworks on the 14th July.


Ice Trail Tarentaise - Val d’Isere

The Ice Trail Tarentaise is Europe’s highest trail race with 65km of trail and about 5,000m vertical ascent and descent. It reaches a height of 3,653m and the line up consists of over 600 highly trained athletes who specialise in trail running. The nickname for the race is “where earth meets sky” as, at points, the athletes race above the clouds.

Fire in Val d’Isère


There is one inevitable downside to chalets having a large amount of wood in their design – they are fire hazards!

On the 11th February, a raging inferno tore through the Jardins de la Balme apartments in Val d’Isère. Thankfully only one person has required medical attention following the blaze, after having to jump out of her 6th floor flat with her dog.

Sochi 2014 Team GB announced

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi only two weeks away, many of our GB hopefuls must have been anxious to see whether they had actually been chosen for the final team. On the 22nd January, the 56-strong squad was finally announced and our chances of medals have never been better.

With the inclusion of more freestyle winter sports in this year’s games, Britain has become a force to be reckoned with:

Solar Cannons in Val d’Isère


Val d’Isère has long been considered one of the best resorts in the Alps – with a fantastic ski area, amazing town centre, and incredible après and nightlife.  But now, for this season at least, it can lay claim to being the sunniest resort in the world as well ... this year sees the introduction of solar cannons to alleviate the issue of white out snow conditions. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Whitehead on Flickr