Val d’Isère has long been considered one of the best resorts in the Alps – with a fantastic ski area, amazing town centre, and incredible après and nightlife.  But now, for this season at least, it can lay claim to being the sunniest resort in the world as well ... this year sees the introduction of solar cannons to alleviate the issue of white out snow conditions. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Whitehead on Flickr

Technological advancements have enabled the introduction of the new machines, which will work in much the same way as a floodlight and will also break through any low sitting clouds. Scientists claim that the cannons will use the existing light in resort and with some clever reflection, they will be able to illuminate the runs.

Val d’Isère is acting as a bit of a test dummy with this new technology, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was seen in all of the major resorts in 2015. Snow cannons have transformed poor conditions, so why not the solar cannon?