Val d’Isere is a small village in south east France close to the Swiss and Italian borders. Its steep rocky mountains make it the perfect place for mountain climbing. In summer on the smaller mountains, the snow melts leaving behind a series of cracks and crevices which make perfect finger holds. The diversity of the rocks mean that the climber can always find a different route to reach the peak whether it is easier or harder.


Mountain climbing in Val d’Isere has such a huge appeal because many people love to challenge themselves by using all of their strength and balance to reach the summit. The guide will have you connected to a strong rope so if you let go, you will just be suspended in mid-air. Don’t worry, you will not fall!

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The guides in Val d’Isere are all very experienced climbers and will teach you how to abseil and climb in the most effective way. The rock climbing courses can be catered to ability so whether you are a beginner or a skilled climber, the mountains will have perfect routes for you. From the age of 6 years, you can climb for half a day or a full day in the spectacular summer weather in Val d’Isere. Bureau des Guides de Haute-Tarentaise are one of the activity companies which specialise in mountain climbing in Val d’Isere.


For more experienced climbers, there is the option to ice climb which is at higher altitudes There are between 2 and 4km of glaciers to climb so the possibilities are endless. At dawn, the light reflects off the snow on Mont Blanc giving off a fantastic spectrum of colours which covers the whole valley. The route contains a 40m and 200m high frozen waterfall which makes the excursion an amazing adventure. The glaciers in Val d’Isere are great to improve your climbing abilities and technical equipment is all included in the price.

If you want to have a warmer climbing experience, there is always the indoor climbing wall in the sports centre. Here, climbers will find a 200m² playground with a 12m high climbing wall with 7 different routes that are a variety of difficulties. This is a great place to better your climbing before you take to the rocks. Go down to Val d’Isere to have a great summer of climbing.