The Trans-Savoie is possibly one of the most challenging mountain biking races in history. It is a six day point-to-point endurance race which starts in the resort of Val d’Isere in the south east of France. This is a picturesque setting for the race as the mountain environment boasts beautiful scenery.

Trans Savoie Big Alpine Enduro

Trans Savoie Big Alpine Enduro - Credit:


The race is 100% focused on technical riding ability. Athletic ability, mental determination and strategic riding are some of the traits needed to complete this epic experience. The race is over six days and the times on each of these are added together to produce a final time. The legs are from Val d’Isere to Seez on the 24th August, Seez to Landry on the 25th, Landry to Bozel on the 26th, Bozel to Albertville on the 27th, Albertville to Beaufort on the 28th and finally Beaufort to Chamoix (Mont Blanc) on the 29th August. Riding will begin at 8:30am each day and it will be approximately 9-10 hours per day including lunch, uplifts, timed stages, rests, and Liaison stages.


The Trans-Savoie is over 300km long with a descent of 25km an ascent of over 25km. However, only six kilometers of this is self-propelled as a variety of transport is used to take people up the steep mountains. This race passes through many different areas meaning the change in scenery is very dramatic. The finish at Mont Blanc is welcomed by the riders as they can finally relax after a hard six days of riding.

The winner of the race last year was world-renowned Rene Wildhaber who has won races on four different continents. He was born in Switzerland and is known for his versatility, style and stamina when mountain biking. This epic six day enduro race is just one of his 35 wins in racing since 1998.


Unfortunately, the event is already fully booked but many people go to the Val d’Isere area to support the amazing riders. If you enjoy mountain biking, you can complete the Trans-Savoie route with guides from trailAddiction. The trip includes accommodation and catering and it is a great way to witness the spectacular scenery. So go to Val d’Isere this summer to watch the great race or try it out yourself. Have fun!