There are many events in Val d’Isere organised all year round but one of the biggest is Bastille Day on the 14th July. Bastille Day is celebrated across the whole of France but in Val d’Isere it is truly a spectacle to be seen. Val d’Isere is a small village in the Tarentaise Valley in south east France. Its hot summer nights make it an ideal place to watch the fireworks on the 14th July.


Fireworks for Bastille Day - Credit

On 14th July 1789 the Parisians stormed the Bastille which held many influential prisoners.  The French recognise this day as the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the republic meaning it is very significant to them.

Not only is there a fantastic firework display, there will be traditional French music to celebrate the occasion. This is played by the Everest 9-piece orchestra who are renowned in this region. Delicacies from the Savoy region will be on offer courtesy of the Fire Service. These will include fondue, cheese, caïon (a traditional pork dish) and also the famous Savoy sponge cake.

On Bastille Day on the 14th July in Val d’Isere, there is traditionally a fishing contest at the Ouillette Lake at 7:00am. The 2km trail around the lake is picturesque and the walk is a great way to spend the morning.

In the evening, the village is transformed into a pedestrian zone and is lit up with fireworks and overhanging bulbs of all colours. Before and after the amazing fireworks, ice sculptures and shows will be on display. These make the evening very enjoyable. The fireworks start at 10:30pm in Tourist Office Square with a bang. Have a great time in Val d’Isere this 14th July!