The purpose of this policy is to outline how Interactive Resorts has established measures to protect your privacy and information rights. 

Your rights

We recognise that you have rights as a ‘data subject’, and that we have an obligation to uphold these. 

This privacy notice aims to outline how we maintain these rights.  In particular, it outlines:

·         How we collect and process your information

·         Why we do this

·         How you can exercise your rights;

·         Who to contact in the event you’re unhappy with our performance.

Depending on why we have collected your information, your information rights could include:



Right to be informed

This encompasses the obligation for us to be transparent in how we collect and use your personal data.

Right of access

You have the right to access your personal data and supplementary information.

Right to rectification

If the information we hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete, you can request we correct this.

Right to erasure

You can request we delete or remove personal data where there is no compelling reason for us to continue processing

Right to restrict processing

You have the right to request we cease processing your data, if:

·         You consider it inaccurate or incomplete;

·         Where you object to processing and we are considering whether we still have a legitimate interest to process it.

·         Where we don’t need the data for the original reason we collected it, but may need it to support a legal claim

Right to data portability

·         Where you have consented to our processing your data, or where the processing is necessary for us to deliver a contract, you can request a copy of that data be provided to a third party in electronic form. 

Right to object

You have the right to object to our processing under certain circumstances. For example, you can object to:

·         direct marketing (including profiling); and

·         processing for purposes of scientific/historical research and statistics

Rights relating to automated decision making including profiling

·         Where we apply automated decision making, we must

·         give you information about the processing;

·         introduce simple ways for you to request human intervention or challenge a decision;

·         carry out regular checks to make sure that our systems are working as intended


Information related to automated decision making is contained later in this notice.


Information we collect

Please find below a summary of the information we collect and how we use this to deliver services to you.

Information we collect

Why we collect this

How we process this

Name, Address, Email, Other people travelling including children, ages / DOB, dietary requirements, special requirements, passport details – Advanced Passenger Information

We collect this information for either purposes of contractual obligation due to enquiring/booking with us or because of mutual benefit and consent for marketing purposes.


We process this information on our secure systems (SSL), for bookings or marketing.

Booking history, including information about other services booked with your holiday.

We collect this information for both contractual obligation and marketing purposes so that we can offer you more relevant information that is tailored to your requirements

We process this information on our secure systems (SSL), for bookings or marketing.

Information about your use of our websites & App (cookies) including the location of your device and IP address and correspondence with us via email, chat services, social media and phone calls.

We collect this information so that we are able to improve our services to our clients for marketing purposes but in some instances for contractual obligations relating to bookings.

Any of the information we may hold will be held on our secure systems (SSL), for bookings or marketing.


Transfer of data

We may share your personal data with other companies within Interactive Resorts.

We may also share your personal data with third party Operators but only in relation to a booking and advise them they are not to use your data for any other purpose than in relation to that specific booking and not for marketing purposes.

Retention of data

Interactive Resorts retains information for seven (7) years from our point of last contact.  We hold this information to support our legal and regulatory requirements.  If you object to this retention, please contact us – details provided in the ‘Contact’ section.

Securing your information

Interactive Resorts holds your personal data securely using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology on all systems.

We do not hold onto your personal card details and these are only held by the payment provider/ Merchant Services we use.


This site uses cookies which are small text files that are placed on your machine and are used to store user information and preferences, and provide anonymous tracking. Cookies will make your browsing experience better but if you prefer to disable cookies on this site then we suggest navigating to the Tools / Options / Help menu in your browser and take a look at the Cookie and Site Data option in Privacy and Security tab. You can then choose Block cookies option and save.

Types of Cookie that are stored on your machine

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies and will be erased after a user closes the browser. They may sometimes be used for purposes such as remembering what a user has put in their shopping basket or data filled in forms as they browse around a site. Session cookies do not collect information from the user's computer.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookie also called permanent cookie or stored cookie, are used to collect identifying information about the user, such as web browsing behaviour or user preference for the website and are stored on a visitor’s machine in between browser sessions until the user deletes the cookie manually or until it expires (persistent cookies are set with expiration dates). These can be also be used for target advertising.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that are set by another domain than the one being visited by the user. So, for example, if you visit and the cookie placed on your computer is from, then this is a third-party cookie. They are usually placed as part of an agreement with the third parties to use their services such as remarketing or chat.


This website uses Google AdWords & Facebook remarketing services. The service (from either of them) will display relevant ads across the internet tailored to you based on what parts of this website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your machine (i.e. Third party cookie).  THIS COOKIE DOES NOT IN ANYWAY IDENTIFY YOU OR GIVE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER. The cookie is used to instruct Google & Facebook that “This person visited this page, so show them ads relating to that page.”

Data collected will be used in accordance with our own privacy policy, as well as Google & Facebook privacy policies.

You can opt-out of remarketing by visiting the links below:

For Google:

For Facebook:

Contact details

We recognise that you may have questions on how we process and/or store your data, or may want to change either the data we hold on you or how we communicate with you in the future. 

If you have given consent for processing, you are free to withdraw that consent.  To let us know this is the case

If you have any questions in respect of this notice, or would like to exercise your rights as a data subject (for example, to correct data or to exercise your right to access):

·         Interactive Resorts as data controller, can be contacted as follows: Kingsland House, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY2 6BL.

·         Theo Morgan can be contacted as follows

If you are unhappy that we have responded to your query adequately, of if you have a further complaint, The Information Commissioner’s Office can be contacted through their website on

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