Will New Snow Sledge Beat Skis to Quickest Time on Snow?


Norwegian snow boffins are hoping that a newly-invented snow sledge may topple the world speed record on snow. The sledge is being designed by a team of designers and snow-speed fanatics who (imaginatively) call themselves Snowspeed.


Introducing the Chalet Shar Pei


What does it take, these days, for a luxury ski chalet to really stand out from the crowd? When so many high-end properties offer fine wines, great locations, delicious food and fantastic facilities as standard, it can be tricky to separate the best from the rest.


Half Term Value in Family-Friendly Val d’Isere

For families looking toward the February half term break and the prospect of an exciting ski holiday, we take a moment to profile a property of choice for value seekers: chalet-hotel Le Val d’Isere.

The Best 2015 Early-Season Ski Deals in Val d'Isere



Val d’Isere is a popular choice among skiers and snowboarders, and it’s not hard to see why. Unfortunately, this can often mean that ski holidays to the world-famous French resort can get a little on the expensive side, particularly around peak dates.


Getting to Val d'Isere by Train


With the new Eurostar route to Lyon making French ski resorts more accessible by rail than ever before, we look at the practicalities – and benefits – of getting to Val d’Isere by train.


Treated Wastewater Turned to Snow


Sewage may not be the first thing on most skiers’ minds as they carve down the pistes, but as California enters its fourth year of drought, ski resort authorities there have been forced to adopt seemingly drastic measures to preserve the quality of the slopes.

On the whole, it’s a good idea - The art of digging a good snowhole

References to Motown pop culture aside. Learning to dig a snowhole is something any and every stripe of skier/boarder or cold weather nutter should learn to do. 
Back country skiers are never without a roof over their heads, and parents stand a pretty good chance of being the ‘BEST PARENT EVER’- after they build their sproglets a cool new den!...

Proposed changes to French Schools’ Easter Holidays


Spring in the Alps offers a wonderful chance to hit the slopes without having to negotiate packed pistes and the worst of the winter weather. Snowfall is still pretty reasonable at the higher climes, and skiing north-facing runs still yields good conditions under-ski. Yep, all in all, Easter skiing is pretty awesome.

Skiing the backcountry in Val d’Isere

Famously the Espace Killy ski area is, more than any other, designed for skiers to be able to cross between the resorts with ease. It’s part of what makes the 300km ski area so special. But what about if you’re looking for something a little more unique?

Ski touring in Val d'Isere - Photo Credit: Val d'Isere Tourist Board

Season’s Choice: Winter events in Val d’Isere

Anyone who has been to Val d’Isere knows that it is not a resort known for its family friendly fun. That’s not to say it’s not a great pick if you’re looking for your next family ski trip, mind. It just doesn’t have that sort of reputation. That’s no surprise when its notoriously wild après bar, the Folie Douce is known as the Ibiza of the Alps.