Spring in the Alps offers a wonderful chance to hit the slopes without having to negotiate packed pistes and the worst of the winter weather. Snowfall is still pretty reasonable at the higher climes, and skiing north-facing runs still yields good conditions under-ski. Yep, all in all, Easter skiing is pretty awesome.

Evidently the French Government feels the same way, with recent strong support to bring the Easter school holidays forward and maximise snow quality during the holiday weeks. The idea is even backed by President Hollande himself!

The plans involve moving the Easter holidays a week or so earlier, returning to the pre-2009 reform school calendar. The move comes as part of efforts to boost France’s declining ski industry, which has seen a slip in Easter revenue of around 6% to cheaper Eastern European holidays.

Image courtesy of Visit Aosta on flickr

The plans affect millions, and as such have come under heavy criticism from the National Federation of Parents’ Associations and teachers unions. Amazingly, only around 8% of French people actually go skiing every 2 years, according to the national secretary of parents associations. The implications of the plan mean the school term would only last 5 weeks.

It’s hoped that the government initiative will rake in increased earnings of 3% which, with projected economic growth for the country currently standing at only 0.4% this fiscal year, France undoudtedly needs.

On our side of the channel though, earlier school holidays might mean a change of dates for that all important ski holiday you’re planning, assuming avoiding hordes of excited school children is anywhere on your agenda...