A high-fiving snowboarding baby has taken the internet by storm, with almost 100,000 YouTube hits since Sloan Henderson’s parents uploaded footage of their daughter’s very first time on the slopes.



14-month-old Sloan can be seen bundled up in a what must be the smallest North Face onesie around as she travels up the carpet in Park City Mountain Resort in the States.


Sloan’s proud dad keeps a firm hold of the mini snowboarder on her first ride, following her on foot with a cord attached to the miniature board. After it becomes apparent that the one-year-old is a natural, however, her dad cuts her loose and she sets off down a small slope, building up a fair bit of speed – only stopping to high-five her pa and give a cheeky giggle.


Keen snowboarders themselves, Sloan’s parents apparently bought her a Burton Riglet snowboard for Christmas. The board, designed for toddlers older and bigger than Sloan, was then adjusted by her doting dad so his daughter would be able to ride in comfort.


Within weeks, little Sloan had already graduated from sliding around inside the house to shredding away in the family garden in Salt Lake City, so her proud parents decided it was time for her to try the real thing on Park City Mountain close by.


Even they weren’t expecting the nipper to be as much of a natural on the slopes as she turned out to be though. And it seems the rest of the internet is apparently in agreement of her natural ability, with many already predicting the snowboarder for future Olympic success.


One YouTuber said: "Sloan is definitely a future Olympic Gold Medalist!" Another commented: "This footage is going to be epic in her Winter X Games & Olympic debut intros!"


Whether she goes on to become a winter Olympic star remains to be seen, but we think it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of Sloan the snowboarding baby just yet...