In a heartfelt story that will surely warm the hearts of his ex-Oxford chums, an impossibly rich British businessman has won a battle to eradicate the business and livelihood of a small chip stall owner in Val d’sere. 
The British businessman in question sports a grand total of two surnames and is L’Oréal’s former head of perfume, which is definitely not an effeminate job. Not in any way.
Lindsay Owen-Jones finally won his downhill struggle to get rid of a small business supplying peckish skiers with chips outside his chalet in an exclusive part of Val-d'Isère. 
His nostrils apparently became so offended at the pungent smell of potatoes being fried and served to the ‘ordinary folk’ that they hired a lawyer and took the chip shop owner to court.
Not Lindsay Owen-Jones' ski home
Lindsay Owen-Jones' luxury ski home is thought NOT to be one of the above apartments.
Image courtesy of ImageManHunter on Flickr.
A court in Albertville actually upheld the complaint of “olfactory nuisance” against the small business owner, who had the audacity to open the stall with the aim of supporting her family.
It’s a story from the Alps that touches our hearts. Some people have to holiday in some truly unbearable conditions and our hearts go out to Lindsay Owen-Jones-Palmer-Tomkinson for the terrible ordeal that he’s suffered. 
One hopes that with the ghastly chip stall owner’s livelihood finally in tatters, he and his nostrils can go back to enjoying his luxury lifestyle in peace.
Having said that, this heartfelt ‘David getting squashed by Goliath’ story might not be at its end just yet, with the chip stall owner stating: “I’m not going to be turned out by a chap who comes here for just three days a year!” 
(Hear, hear!)