The current state of flights to and from France is a mess following the recent strikes. If you’re keen for some end of season skiing – beware and be sure to buy travel insurance cover.
Air traffic controllers are protesting the proposed plans that will see retirement ages raised from 57 to 59 with last week’s 2 day strike resulting in approximately half of all flights being cancelled in France.
The current loggerheads over the issue has already cost many European airlines a figure to the tune of around €50 million; Easyjet alone was forced to cancel most of their flights last week with 248 and 331 cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Other airlines have been hit very hard with Ryanair also having to cancel in excess of 500 flights.
Airport delays
An all too familiar image with delayed and cancelled flights - better bring a crossword, or several...hundred. Image courtesy of  Tommy Ga-Ken Wan 溫嘉勤 on flickr.
Thankfully, as of today (14/04/2015), the SNCTA air-traffic control union have cancelled the planned strike for this week following negotiations. However, holidaymakers aren’t out of the woods yet, as the union have warned that a 4-day strike, from the 29th of April until the 2nd of May, could still go ahead.
Airports worst affected are likely to be around zone A, including Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand, Caen, Lyon, Montpellier, Nancy-Metz, Rennes, Nantes and Toulouse. It’s thought Bordeaux, Créteil, Paris and Versailles will be affected as well.
Airlines have tried to accommodate passengers needs, with British Airways allowing passengers to switch free of charge, even if flights were still expected to be operated. Alternative means of travel is still recommended though.
If you’re still hoping to fly we at Interactive Resorts would urge you to contact your airline before travel to ascertain their policy on cancellations and changes during the pandemonium.