This incredible video shows a couple of daredevil French skiers racing down the slopes of Val d'Isere attached to both skis and parachutes, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour along the way.

The video was captured by Theo Cerboneschi, 25, as he followed his pal, Sydney Cohen from Chambery (purple parachute) on the thrill-seeking ride of their lives.

After deciding that skiing alone wasn’t enough for them, the pair decided to train to use parachutes to sail down the slopes, reaching speeds that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible for them. The duo were said to have described their speedriding antics as “one of the most fun things to do in the world.”


Training and experience

But if you’re thinking of giving this sort of speedriding a go yourself, you may want to think again; Cohen and his pal have had a solid four years of training in both paragliding and skiing in order to get to a level where it was safe to create this video.

Cohen, 27, is a keen paraglider and so was used to using a parachute in the process of getting his thrills. When he visited Val d’Isere, which he describes as one of the “most epic” ski resorts in the world, he couldn't resist adding an extra dynamic to his holiday.

The thrill-seeking skier said: “The experience [of] soaring down the mountain at such speed was so much more incredible than just skiing down.”