The Daily Mail has undergone intensive research (read: sent one photographer) to spend an inordinate amount of time (read: one night) to reveal the habits of holidaymakers when frequenting apres-ski bars in Val d’Isere.


Surprising only to its own readers, the Daily Mail article discovered that those who booked ski holidays in top French resorts such as Val and looked forward to them all year, actually went on to openly enjoy them once in resort.


Pertinently, the report also revealed that many of the holidaymakers in Val d’Isere come from the British Isles.


The Sunday People also jumped on the bandwagon, reporting back that somebody who runs a hotel in Val is discouraging people from staying in it... if they happen to be British and in a group of more than two people. The reason? “Young British people are very noisy and rowdy.”



Image courtesy of Jerome Bon on Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.‏

Despite Val d’Isere being renowned for its party scene for decades now, certain sections of the British press remain adamant that it is specifically young British people right now that are spoiling the resort with their merry drunken antics. Almost as if the long-established bars such as the Morris pub, Pacific Bar, Le Petit Danois and Dick’s T-bar have been selling Ribena from behind their bars for all these years.


Renowned apres-ski bar, La Folie Douce, which opened in 2007, has become one of the main villains of this press pantomime, with the Mail regarding it as a veritable “hotbed of drunken antics.” It goes on to say that French skiers have even gone so far as to (wait for it) take to internet forums to suggest that a “soundproofing wall” should be erected around it.


As we all know, internet forums are exactly the place to go in order to enact any real change in the world, so we’re sure something will be done to cure this scurvy of the ski world, and soon.


In the meantime, it has been confirmed, holidaymakers on ski holidays will continue to exhibit signs of enjoying themselves – publicly and as if it’s their right.


Oh the shame.