Spring skiing. It’s been unfairly maligned in the past, with a reputation for poor snow conditions that a surprising number of skiers still believe. They’re wrong, of course, but spring skiing has been stamped with the label ever since.
If you’re not daunted by the prospect of soft sugar snow melting away beneath your feet, spring skiing comes with a whole host of perks, from après events to gear testing and bar to bar skiing. 
So firstly, spring skiing is relaxed. Somewhere like Val d’Isere is high enough that the season runs pretty late; there’s still plenty of good snow in April, and skiing from warm terrace to warm terrace isn’t even slightly frowned upon. There’s no real need for layering up, and lunch involves stripping down to a t-shirt and sunglasses. 
In Val d’Isere, famous -as we all know- for its ability to throw a party, spring skiing comes with dancing on table in ski boots as après ski stretches on for up to a solid 12 hrs. From April to early May when the season officially ends, the raucous après ski environment sees DJs, concerts and pre-dinner drinks amping up to celebrate the end of another season. 
Val in Spring photo credit Jeff P
Val in Spring photo credit Jeff P
As if that’s not enough (and for some people, it will be) 2016 gear testing continues through April, from the 13th to the 30th, with some of the biggest manufacturers showcasing next year’s wares. Let’s not beat about the bush here; we’d all love to be able to test out equipment early. Even if you’ve got no intention of ever buying a pair of skis; it’s always nice to feel like a VIP occasionally.
If that’s not the sort of thing to whet your whistle, you could always check out a movie. I know, I know. Why would you go and see a movie if the weather is as good as it’s supposed to be? But the International Adventure and Discovery Film Festival (running from the 20th to the 23rd) is worth it. Honestly. 
The yoga festival from the 1st to the 3rd of May sees the season off in true (-ly zen) style. And why not? By the first week of May the season is pretty close to being done, and there’s plenty of time to spend doing yoga in the mountains. And really, who doesn’t like yoga?